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At the HSG Healthspan Lab we focus on research to extend the “Healthy Lifespan”


Our Partners


Vision Statement

Vision Statement


“Research on longevity is concerned with extending the „healthy lifespan“. This is a megatrend that not only opens up exciting business opportunities for many entrepreneurs and investors, but also has far-reaching consequences for our society. What if we could choose our own age like we choose our gender? How can we improve our entrepreneurial performance by living healthier lives?”

Dietmar Grichnik

Professor for Entrepreneurship and Technology Management at the University of St.Gallen

We envision a future where technology, including digital and traditional biomarkers, plays a transformative role in extending the health span of individuals

Through rigorous scientific research and collaborations, we strive to unlock the full potential of technology to improve the quality of life

Our research center is committed to the ultimate goal of scalable solutions that positively impact society as a whole.




Core Services

Core Services


Core Services

Scientific Projects

Conducting scientific studies for publication in top-ranked academic journals, advancing knowledge in wellbeing and longevity.

Private Sector Projects

Developing customized programs and coaching services to enhance employee wellbeing and longevity, leading to improved performance and satisfaction.

Coaching & Trendscoutings

Providing expert guidance and support to startups in the Wellbeing X Longevity X HealthTech sector, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our Focus


Our Focus at the Healthspan Lab

At the HSG HealthspanLab, we are pioneering the science of interconnected frontiers of health and technology. We conduct research in eight essential fields:

Gut Health

  • Microbiome composition and diversity
  • Gut-brain axis
  • Intestinal permeability
  • Probiotics and prebiotics
  • Digestive disorders (e.g., irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease)
  • Food intolerances and sensitivities


  • Sleep architecture and stages
  • Circadian rhythm regulation
  • Sleep disorders (e.g., insomnia, sleep apnea)
  • Sleep quality and quantity
  • Sleep hygiene practices
  • Effects of sleep deprivation


  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Herbal supplements
  • Probiotic supplements
  • Sports and fitness supplements
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Bioavailability and absorption


  • Environmental pollutants (e.g., air pollution, heavy metals)
  • Chemical toxins in food and water
  • Detoxification mechanisms
  • Detox diets and cleanses
  • Toxin exposure and health outcomes
  • Occupational and industrial toxins


  • Physiological and psychological effects of stress
  • Stress management techniques
  • Chronic stress and its impact on health
  • Stress-related disorders (e.g., anxiety, depression)
  • Mindfulness and meditation practices
  • Stress resilience and coping strategies


  • Endocrine system and hormone regulation
  • Hormone imbalances (e.g., thyroid, adrenal, sex hormones)
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Menopause and andropause
  • Hormonal influences on metabolism and weight management
  • Hormones and aging


  • Genetic variations and disease susceptibility
  • Personalized medicine and genetic testing
  • Epigenetics and gene-environment interactions
  • Genetic factors in health conditions (e.g., cardiovascular diseases, cancer)
  • Genetic predispositions to nutrient metabolism
  • Pharmacogenomics (genetic response to medications)


  • Macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats)
  • Micronutrients (vitamins, minerals)
  • Dietary patterns (e.g., Mediterranean diet, ketogenic diet)
  • Nutritional requirements at different life stages
  • Impact of specific foods on health (e.g., antioxidants, anti-inflammatory foods)
  • Nutrigenomics (gene-diet interactions)


Current Projects


Current Projects



Our Team

We have assembled a top-notch team of scientists in the field of health and technology.

Co-Initiators and Research Team 



We have assembled a top-notch team of scientists in the field of health and technology.

Co-Initiators and Research Team 

Research Team


Co-Initiators and Research Team 



We have assembled a top-notch team of scientists in the field of health and technology.



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